October 17 Update

Hello again friend!

Well I have completed the demo process. From 170 (approximately) songs down to 41, I have picked what I thought COULD potentially be a single. I'm too close to them at this point to judge, but I will make my mind up soon - I need to get more music out into the world.

Some of the styles are pretty disparate, the next couple of months should make for an interesting listen.

So in the meantime I am very busy with work, sharing and communicating information about climate change. Sometimes the lure of a proper tour crosses my mind - something to consider for the new year with the new songs out. In the meantime I'm playing a show at Sligo Live Festival,  next week which is really exciting! So I get to try out some of the new demo tracks on a captive audience. It's in a Vegan cafe called Sweet Beat - never been to one before, so I'm hoping they can provide some great food too.

Anyway, speak soon. Phase two is definitely up and running.