JANA from Barcelona EP - OUT NOW!

SO here it is... after recording back in February, I can finally release my first ever record in its entirety. 

We ended up recording and mixing it in just two days, with a group of musicians I had never met before. It could have gone wrong, but thankfully they were amazing and really invested in the material. 

I'm definitely still finding my voice, and my feet, in music. But as a first impression, I'm pretty pleased with this, so I hope you enjoy it and like the impatient child I am, I look forward to releasing the next one.




Speak soon,


Release News: Music Video and Single Made for Me

The Made for Me music video had its premiere yesterday through the wonderful Chordblossom music blog, and is now live to watch here

Made for Me is the first single to be taken from my debut EP Jana from Barcelona. You can buy the track and pre-order the EP on my bandcamp, and it should be on all major online stores within the next few days.

I can't wait for you all to see it, let me know what you think!


Buy: https://glasswings.bandcamp.com/track/made-for-me